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Every Athlete. Every Voice.

STAC provides every athlete an equal opportunity in the recruiting process regardless of race, location or social status.

Here's the Deal.

Your Profile

Go ahead, brag a little. Show off your hard work, mad skills and dedication to your sport. Link your existing accounts and upload your academics, stats, measurables, training and highlight videos.

Your Voice

No bloggers, sportswriters or shady agents acting as gatekeepers. Your profile is all you – uncut – pitching directly to the coaches and decision makers. We've created the arena but it's up to you to put on a show.

Your Recruitment

Coaches seek well rounded athletes. They want to see your work ethic both in and out of season and to really get to know your personality. Create a #WhyMe video and let them know what truly makes you stand out from your compeitition.

Our Why

It's not what you do, it's why you do it. STAC's purpose is to inspire athletes to become more than just the number on their backs. We strive to encourage, educate, and elevate you to achieve your absolute peak potential.

Our Brand

The STAC brand is strong and confident, just like the athletes we serve.

College Recruiters

STAC is a simpler, faster and easier way for you to get the information that you need, right at your finger tips. Get access to a national database of athletes with stats, academics and video saving you time and money while extending your reach.

Check Out Our Lineup

At STAC, we want nothing but the best for every athlete. Which is why our team is committed to working tirelessly to make it happen - all for free! Meet the team building the next generation of collegiate athletic recruiting.
Robert de Wolff

Robert de Wolff

Co-Founder and CEO

1+1=3 is all you need to know about Robert. It’s his personal shorthand for making limited resources go far, and it sums up his dogged optimism and unflagging drive perfectly. For Robert, STAC is a calling. “We’re here to level the playing field so that every kid has an equal opportunity.”

Bryant Drayton

Bryant Drayton

Co-Founder and CMO

There’s a system to athlete branding and recruitment, and B wants every athlete coming up to know how to navigate it. These days, he’s a runner and sneaker connoisseur, but he still remembers what it was like to go through recruitment alone. “My hope is for every young athlete to feel comfortable and in control of their recruitment.”

Peter Hanneman

Peter Hanneman

Co-Founder and CTO

Settling for the subpar status quo is unacceptable to Peter. A systems architect and code cruncher he looks for opportunities to apply disruptive technology for the betterment of society. "Usually recruiting services are gated by for-profit entities with hollow intentions. We can help people by extending these opportunities to everyone."

Jarmal Bevels Jr.

Jarmal Bevels Jr.

Creative Director

Jarmal can take a message and turn it into a vision. Comfortable shooting video to designing graphic strategies, he draws followers from the social generation to create vibrant communities. A former wide receiver for the Richmond Spiders, he says, “I never knew where the creative space would take me, and I still don't!”

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